Be the first player to have a cumulative score of 10,000 points.


For 2 or more players

1 set of 6 dice with 6 sides each (D6)

A Pen

Paper to keep score



To begin, each player will roll one die. The player with the largest number starts first. The players will continue in a clockwise direction.

Roll all 6 dice when it is your turn. Look for any dice or combination of dice that score points such as 1s, 5s, 3-of-a-kinds or scoring combinations.

You need to set aside at least 1 scoring die per roll to continue rolling. If all 6 dice are scoring dice, you may roll all 6 dice again to add to your score.

You can roll a maximum of 4 times in a turn. If you reach 500 points or more before you have rolled 4 times, you may choose to stop rolling.

You cannot stop rolling if your score is under 500 points.

If you are unable to set aside a scoring die or combination of dice at any point during your 4 rolls, you lose all points accumulated within the 4 rolls and your turn is over. This is called a Farkle.

Add your score to the paper at the end of your turn and pass the dice to the next player.

REACHING 10,000:

If one player has reached 10,000 points, all remaining players get one more turn (4 rolls) each.

If no other player has reached 10,000 points, the player that originally made 10,000 points is the winner.

If another player has reached 10,000 points during the final turns, the player with the highest score over 10,000 points is the winner.

1 Set of 6 Dice (D6)



1 game board with scoring rules

Have fun!