Get all 10 of your marbles in the opposite triangle home before the other players.


The game can accommodate 2, 3, 4, or 6 players. A six player game uses all the marbles and triangles. Four player games should be played with two pairs of opposite triangles, two players games should always be played with opposing triangles. Three player games use the triangles equidistant from each other.

Players each choose a color and its 10 corresponding marbles. The unused pegs are left to the side so they are not used in the game.

Decide who plays first by flipping a coin or playing rock-paper-scissors. Play will continue clockwise after the first player has been decided.


Players alternate turns moving single marbles at a time.

Marbles may move into adjacent holes or jump over other marbles into holes.

Hopping moves must be to adjacent and empty holes on the board. Players can hop over as many marbles as possible in a single turn. Marbles that have been hopped over stay on the board – no marbles are removed.

When a marble reaches the opposite triangle across the board it cannot be moved out, only within that triangle.

If hopping within another opponent’s home triangle, the marble must not stop within that triangle – it must be able to move out during the hopping.


To win you must have all 10 of your marbles occupying the vacant holes of the opposing triangle.

10 White Marbles

10 Black Marbles

10 Blue Marbles

10 Green Marbles

10 Yellow Marbles

10 Orange Marbles

1 Game Board

Have fun!