Get as many pieces from your opponent as possible.


2 Players, 12 dark pieces, 12 light pieces.

Players place their pieces on the dark squares on their side of the board.

Dark has first play; after, turns alternate.


Moves can only be made on black squares so the pieces will move diagonally only. Pieces can only move in a forward direction toward their opponent.

If you are moving your disc forward and not capturing your opponent’s piece in the move, you may only move it forward one square.

In a capturing move, a piece leaps off the opponent’s piece in a diagonal line, landing on a dark square on the other side. While you can only capture one piece per jump, you can make multiple jumps in a single turn, if the positioning of the pieces allows.

After a piece is captured, it is removed from the board and collected.

If you have the ability to jump your opponent’s pieces, you MUST jump. In the event there is more than one capture possible from a single square, you may jump whichever piece is preferrable.


Once a player has a piece that reaches the first row of their opponent’s side of the board, that piece is kinged or becomes a king. It is crowed with a piece that had been captured by the opponent. King’s will then stand twice as tall as a single piece.

Kings move diagonally, however, they can move forward or backward.

Kings can also jump opposing pieces forward or backward in the same turn.


To win you must capture all of your opponent’s pieces, or block your opponent from having any legal move.


Sacrifice 1 piece for 2 pieces. You can ‘bait’ or force your opponent to take one of your pieces to open up a spot for you to take two opponent pieces.

Pieces on the sides of the board are valuable because they cannot be jumped.

Don’t bunch all of your pieces in the middle or you may not be able to move and you will lose.

Keep your pieces on the back (or King) row for as long as possible to keep the other player from gaining a king.

Plan ahead and try to look at every possible move before you take your turn.

Play against a lot of different players to see or test new strategies, practice and improve.

12 Black Checker Pieces

12 Natural Checker Pieces

1 Game Board

Have fun!