Frequently Asked Questions

Our products typically are finished within 1-2 weeks from the time of ordering. If a project will take longer we will let you know before the order is confirmed. You will be contacted when your order is ready for pick up or for shipping.
We accept cash, credit (Visa and MasterCard), debit and email money transfers. For email money transfers our email address is
Every sign comes with a routered edge unless specifically requested not to have the edge routered.
Our signs are made on solid maple unless otherwise requested. It is a durable, solid and quality product with a beautiful look and can be stained a wide variety of colors. Cutting boards are made with maple, cherry, walnut and a few exotics. If there is a nut allergy in the family, please let us know as walnut is an allergen. The hardwood selection we have varies depending on availability. We have carved products in aspen, bubinga, bird's eye maple, curly maple, cherry, fir, maple, pine, purple heart, red oak, oak, sepele and walnut.
We are no longer located in Fort McMurray after losing everything to the 2016 wildfire. We are now located approximately 30 minutes west of Edmonton in Parkland County.
Our current stain colors include: golden oak, cherry, classic grey, gunstock, english chestnut, special walnut, provincial, red chestnut, red oak, red mahogany, dark walnut, espresso and ebony. We will send you a picture of our stain sample board and you will get to choose the color of your product(s). Please note that any of our stains can also be done in the rustic style (dark carving, lighter background).
Yes, all of our signs are varnished with several coats of a water-based exterior varathane specifically meant for outdoor furniture.
Our standard amount of hooks on our keychain holders is 5 however if you would like to add or subtract the amount of hooks please let us know.
Each sign that is purchased has 2 eyelet hooks provided in your envelope containing the invoice and business cards. To attach the hooks on the sign drill pilot holes first to prevent splitting of the wood and then screw in the eyelet hooks.
Yes! Our cutting boards are made of various types of hardwoods and exotic woods. Please be advised that if you or someone in your family has a nut allergy that WALNUT is an ALLERGEN. Let us know if there is an allergy and we will ensure that we make a beautiful board without walnut. Often sepele, a straight grained African wood, is used instead of walnut in these cases because of its similar brown color.
Our cutting boards are varnished with hemp oil, which is widely available and makes caring for your board easy.
Wooden cutting boards are NOT dishwasher safe and should NOT be submerged in water. If they are put in a dishwasher or submerged they will come apart. Clean your board with warm, soapy water and dry immediately. Do not store when wet or damp. If you notice that your board is starting to cup, flip the board over and it will flatten. Use both sides of your board to help prevent cupping.
Yes! Our engraved cutting boards are carved and filled with a food-safe resin so it is perfectly smooth. Cutting boards should not have any grooves on them where food and bacteria can get caught, which is why we fill the carving. The resin also gives the carving a 3D effect and it is quite an interesting product!
At this time we do not have the proper program to be able to carve faces into our signs with precision. We have successfully designed and custom carved pets, houses, cabins, trucks, and cars.
Our business hours are 10am-8pm from Monday to Saturday. Sundays we are closed. Orders are ready for pick up or shipping approximately 1-2 weeks from the time the order is confirmed. You will be contacted once the product is ready for pick up or shipping.
We do not have any drop off locations at this time. We offer free delivery to a neutral location in Stony Plain, Spruce Grove or the west side of Edmonton.
Shipping is available Canada wide. We charge a flat rate of $20+GST anywhere west of Ontario and from Ontario-east we charge a flat rate of $25+GST per package. We will do our best to group products into one package when you order.
Yes we have gift certificates available for purchase.
Yes, most of our tools, materials, wood product come from businesses in Edmonton and Spruce Grove. Here are a few of our frequently visited businesses:
Edmonton - Marson Equipment for our machinery
Edmonton - Windsor Plywood on 184th for various hardwoods and materials
Edmonton - W.G. Chanin for various hardwoods
Edmonton - Shippers Supply Inc. for our shipping materials
Spruce Grove - Rona for various tools and finishing products
Yes! We make custom designed cribbage boards. They can be a custom shape, size, and/or have a custom design in the center.
The price we will quote you will include the deck of playing cards and metal cribbage pegs. The pegs that we supply are 1/8" and you will receive 2 of each color. The colors we have are black, silver, brass and copper.